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Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photographer based in Vernon New Jersey. Serving surrounding area.

New Jersey


magical moments

Capture and Preserve Priceless Memories: 

At Nita Giordano Photography, I understand the value of capturing those precious moments that seem to slip away too quickly. Children grow up in the blink of an eye, but the beautiful memories we create will stay with you forever. 

I specialize in capturing candid shots that truly reflect the essence of your family. Genuine smiles, contagious laughter, and the warm glow of sunlight are absolute musts in our book. These natural images will bring a smile to your face every time you look back on them.


While candid shots are our passion, I also recognize the importance of good portraits. Our expertise lies in capturing the unique personality and connection within your family. Rest assured, we will capture all those precious moments for you and your loved ones.

I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to have family photos taken at least once a year. The joy and nostalgia that these images bring are truly priceless. Trust me ,you will thank me later! I promise to create timeless photographs that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

my style

please read

As I am currently in the process of transitioning my photography studio to a pure white, timeless, and minimalistic style.

While I am embracing this new aesthetic, I still have a deep appreciation for color and will be incorporating it into my white studio.


For now, I will continue to offer outdoor sessions in my old style, which is characterized by a moody and warm atmosphere.


One of the main reasons for this transition is my desire to adopt the simple and minimalist Thomas style of baby photography. I have grown to love the sense of calmness and timelessness of the images. It is a style that transcends trends and remains relevant throughout the years.


With this new focus, I am dedicated to capturing the beautiful details of the babies and their parents. I want to create photographs that truly reflect the love and connection within the family.


To enhance your experience, I am now offering prints and wall art options, in addition to albums, so that you can cherish these precious memories forever.


My goal is to not only provide you with digital copies of the photos for your phones and other devices, but also to have them proudly displayed in your HOME, where you can admire them for years to come. I assure you that this transition will not only simplify your life, but also provide you with stunning and timeless photographs that will bring joy and evoke emotions every time you look at them.

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